Who are we?

Over the last 8 years, the people of Guardian Recovery Ltd have developed diverse and successful debt recovery solutions for businesses and individuals.

Guardian Recovery started out as an entrepreneurial dream of a young man. It is through his ingenuity and the loyal people he has taken on as part of his team, that have pushed the success of the company, for its clients, to where it is today. More importantly the passion that has arisen from the initial success has created genuine aspirations and objectives. These are key values for ensuring the smooth running of the day to day operations throughout the company as well as continuing to drive the company forward to even greater success in the credit management market.

Guardian Recovery has grown from a North West debt collection company to become a national and international debt recovery operation. Originally Guardian Recovery provided credit management solutions to local businesses which quickly escalated. Soon after start up Guardian Recovery were offering debt collection services to businesses and individuals throughout the UK and then onto international fields because of the demanding market.

Successful debt collection

Guardian Recovery delivers successful debt collection to clients seeking peak performance in this challenging and competitive industry by providing innovative, tailored and standard credit management solutions. Guaranteed productivity is enabled through our advanced debt recovery strategies, application knowledge and experience, advanced systems technology, in-house specialists and results driven ethic.

Our mission is to provide superior and cost effective services through diverse and results commanding debt recovery solutions, ensuring clients objectives are our main focus. PAID